Personal Development

How Perfectionism is Holding You Back

As I sat down to write a new blog post for this week, I grappled with finding the perfect way to kick off this article. "It must be catchy", "It must grab attention", "It must be interesting", "It can't be too boring", I thought to myself as I mused over how I could best craft… Continue reading How Perfectionism is Holding You Back

Behavioral Economics, Routines

How to “Nudge Yourself” to Take Action

If you know anything about behavioral economics, you're probably familiar with Nobel Laureate Richard Thaler's famous 'nudge theory'. If you're not, it is essentially a body of research supporting the idea that crafting one's environment in a certain way can influence - though not dictate - one's choices (also known as "choice architecture"). A prime… Continue reading How to “Nudge Yourself” to Take Action

Personal Development

The Problem with “Self-Help”

For years, I've been obsessed with self-help books and podcasts. Nothing has made me feel more alive and human than diving deeply into content that I believed would lead to me to achieving the peak of Maslow's hierarchy of needs: self-actualization. As a perfectionist, it gave me some type of weird, crazy adrenaline rush to… Continue reading The Problem with “Self-Help”